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Re: Will a 1955 3 spd OD fit my truck?

Originally Posted by Chevy Fleetside View Post
I have a 57 od trans in my truck. I had the short shaft 3 speed so I had to have my shaft shortened. The trans will not be threaded to accept the lower bolts (I believe the lower holes) so you will have to use some longer bolts with some nuts. You will also have to use your shifter plate from your 3 sp trans as they are different from the car. I put the OD trans in my 65. You should also energize the solenoid and make sure it is working.
Thank you for the info, I am going to double check all that and get some hardware ready just Incase for the bottom bolts like you mentioned.
Okay, if it so happens the Solenoid doesn’t work, would I be able to rebuild it?
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