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Re: Which would you pick?

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
The differences between tires of the same general type are always greatly exaggerated on the internet. You would be hard-pressed to jump in a truck and tell the difference between them. That's true of just about any all-terrain to all-terrain comparison, any MT to MT comparison, etc. You would be able to tell the difference between a KM2 and a KO2 a lot easier than between a KO2 and a Duratrac.

I run Duratracs on my truck and KO2's on my Jeep. Both are great tires. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Toyo and Cooper both make great all-terrains as well.

One thing to keep in mind - you might hear someone badmouth a company like Goodyear or Continental without specifying which tire. That is because those companies make some cheapie OEM tires that are craptastic, and also some premium tires. On the other hand, companies like BFG and Toyo make *only* good tires. Point is, there really are crappy Goodyears out there, (say, the Wrangler ST), but the Duratrac isn't one of them. The Duratrac is a nice, aggressive, premium all-terrain (ok, technically they call it a commercial traction tire) that will serve you well for a long time.
You make some good points. I think also what we don't really know when someone talks negatively about a particular tire, is how they used it, and was it the right tire for the vehicle and use. Putting an under or over-rated tire on can of course cause some serious wear and traction issues. It's funny with the BFG's; people either seem to love or hate them. I hear some people saying they don't wear good. I just don't get that. I'm on my third set. NOT because I wear them out... just the contrary. I wear the vehicle out and end up selling it with good BFG AT's on it. I just bought a new daily driver and right away put the BFG ATs on it. I absolutely love them. My last truck still has the BFGs I put on over ten years and THOUSANDS of miles ago. I'm sure the same could be said about most tires (but surely not all).
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