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Re: Part numbers for color keyed parts

Separate part number for each color part.

The way GM does it is that you release one part number, called the "Less Finish" part, that contains the shape and all the geometry. Then you release separate part numbers for each of the colors.


L/F = 12345678
Red = 12345679
Blue = 12345680
Gray = 12345681


No parts were dyed in the vehicle assembly plant. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. (Line rate at Flint was 60 jobs/hour, or one complete vehicle every minute).

One other issue here is that the cover is probably a detail part of a the larger seatbelt assembly. So from a production standpoint the operator would select the correct color seat belts with the ring, cover, retractor and retractor cover already attached.

The separate part might have been released as a service part.

Sadly, I no longer have access to any of the part databases and do not have the part number for the buckskin part.

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