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Re: Bench Seat, Having it Reupholstered

Originally Posted by TKCR View Post
Your seat looks great. I have not looked into Fastenal , but I will, thanks for the tip. I know the shipping is usually a deal breaker for a lot of people. I would do anything to find cheaper shipping. The average is around $200 using FedEx Ground 2-3 days.
I really need to go back and reread the whole thread to see what you've done with blues...

But, on the shipping note, 2 ideas:

If you havent looked at greyhound, they aren't too bad sometimes. Depots are limited, but can be decent on big items.

Other one was a company called forward air. They have mini depots at regional and municipal airports, it's strictly a depot to depot thing, but, back when I was a northerners and parted out grand nationals for a decade or two I could ship rear axle ass by from MA to TX for under $200 on a pallet. (Classified it as scrap)

Anyways, it's may help get around the shipping deal breaker.

Or you could make up a variety of colors and take a road trip down south... georgia and even charlotte aren't horrible from OH. Probably sell out quick at the shows....
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