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Re: My 56 build

Thanks for the help n links guys. Upon further review and some research I came to the conclusion that my front cross member wonít work. I had the cross member level when I started welded it in, but it must of pulled due to heating. It ended up tilted forward high like the upper mounts. My research tells me this will negate much of my anti dive. Amazing how looking at something else you can find an error made previously. I also saw that my rack mounts were too low and would likely of had a bump steer problem. So Iím back to the beginning again. Now that the front end is off again, Iím resetting the front end for the new rake and rear end. Why not! Iím going to set the front lower cross member parallel to the frame instead of level. The couple of degrees raked like the frame should help anti dive. At least thatís what my research tells me
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