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Re: My 56 build

you may have interference on the drivers side due to the injection rails. if the engine is moved forward you may decrease the dimension between the water pump snout and the rad to the point where a more spendy and less available electric fan will be required. do a little homework on that fan costing and availability. the other thing is the oil pan set up. I used one from a 2002 camaro because it is quite a bit shallower then the truck pan I had it came as a kit with the baffle, pump pick up tube,dipstick and tube and a gasket. I also used the camaro exhaust manifolds which should fit nicely between your frame rails with the boxing plates installed. that way if you want to use headers later it may be easier to find a set that fit. ensure you will have enough room for the steering column shaft to connect to the rack without hitting a manifold or being placed at some odd angle for the column u joints. for mounts, again, I used camaro mounts of the same vintage that bolt to the engine with urethane guts in them, got the engine sitting where I wanted it so there is room above the steering rack for the pulley and belts etc, levelled it side to side and got it at the correct down at the rear angle. then blocked it there and simply fabbed up some brackets to connect the mounts to the frame. mine was fabbed so the plates unbolted from the frame for ease of engine removal/install in the future. on the l/h side where the steering shaft goes I made the plates for the engine mounts in such a way that the steering column went below one plate and above the other plate. if you end up recessing the firewall for engine clearance don't be shy, make enough room the first time. just remember to make sure you have a comfortable angle and access for the accel pedal on the inside. the other stuff isn't as critical. I made mine 4" deep. you can go high just remember to factor in room for the wiper motor and linkages. I replaced the whole width with 16ga steel that I had a shop bend to the right angles. if you do this remember to make a template for the hood hinge mounts and also roughly where the holes are for the column and brake pedals (if using the under the floor master cylinder).
hope something in there will help
have fun, post pics
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