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Re: 1969 K10 CST Full Restoration

Originally Posted by Ol Blue K20 View Post
It's gonna be a complete truck soon. Looking great.
Thanks. Still a lot ahead for sure...but getting there.

Originally Posted by DeadheadNM View Post
Thanks my boy. Only wish I could find the NOS honey hole where you fish.

Originally Posted by rowdy11 View Post
Looking great, and love the velocity of your work! Thanks for sharing the detailed pics of the body work. I'm just finishing my NP 205 rebuild up now, starting to take the body apart this weekend and was fretting on the best way to work through it.
Keep it up!
I'm glad it feels fast to you. A constant refrain here is 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I've spent a fair bit of time today trying to get the rear end buttoned up-a protracted struggle that I'll post about soon. Almost there, but not quite. Of course like most of you this project has to be squeezed into the bigger list of life and sometimes these old trucks don't want to submit in the time allotted.

With regard to the body of the things l respect about Eric most is his neatness and efficiency. I like the way he thinks about stuff and sequences his work. He just works smart and clean. When we've got something detailed and clean, it stays that way. It doesn't get dusted up.

Thanks again for the kind words. Hopefully we'll have a few pics posted before we all have to head back to work next week.
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