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Re: 2003 transfer case parts


t case is winning like 10-1

So I did get everything back together. using the 02 case and 03 internals.
When I got the 02 I checked the drive shafts to make sure they fit but neglected to check the input spline........arghhh its 27 and mine is 32... so off to the junk yard again as my 32 had broken teeth.

Found the 32 after an hour got it out of a np241 which is the same. lucky grab on the cheap..split the case (3rd time) and replaced that.

Finally got it installed. But had 4L flashing and service 4wd light on. Took off the actuator and the warnings went off. Looking at some u-tube i guess I have to have the tcase and acutator set to neutral when installing.

Running out of steam I'll mess with that tonight.

2 questions...

1. there is a long hose coming down the passenger side over the t-case that is not hooked up. its not the one that goes to the t-case. I cannot figure out what it attaches to.

2. I put the car in D (with all 4 wheels up and no acutator attached) and I test ran it. Believing I was in 2H. The tires Spin! Which is great but I was getting a little noise from the t-case. Is some noise normal? It sounds a little like a bicycle that is between gears. If it should be whisper quiet then I have some issue but can't imagine what could be loose.
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