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Re: Project Whipping Post

So between May of 2009 and October of 2009 a lot happened to the truck. I didn't have a name, or a decent camera, so what you see below are the only photos I have.

I need to start this off with a background. Bodywork is normally the last thing I do, which is to say it never happens. I wanted this one to be different. So when the paint shop at work was slow (I work at a helicopter modification facility) I got the chance to sneak it in for the cost of materials only. But prior to that I had a lot to do on my end.

I took care of the following that summer:
  • Repair the rust in the cab
  • Strip the interior
  • Replace the wiring harness
  • Install a column from a 1969 Chevy Van
  • Seam seal everything
  • POR-15 the floors
  • Repaint the interior
  • Modify the factory gauge cluster (I used cheap gauges as hole fillers)
  • Weld up the stake pockets
  • Weld up the backup lights
  • Installed new body bushings
  • Weld up the mirror holes and fit a unknown swap meet mirror to the drivers door

Then I drug it to work and blew it apart on a couple of lunch breaks. After the paint work was done I reassembled it with new seals, new door hinge bushings and new lights. The end result was nice. But alas, it was still a gutless turd.

And then reassembly began!
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