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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

Originally Posted by Low Elco View Post
I was gonna say, I'd heard "rumors" of alleged "work" at your place! Fit up looks real good! Only trouble I've heard of with bonding is differing expansion rates of the 2 parts can give you a woogie in your paint later. I'd weld, but that's me. Looks great!
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I can certainly weld it, was just looking for a way to avoid the warpage that seems to always accompany it. I know adhesives have gained in popularity, both at the factory and in the aftermarket. However, most applications include folding over the door skin lip for added mechanical strength. I don't have that luxury as the existing crimped lip in that area wasn't in very good shape and couldn't be worked back to 90 deg. What does remain could be welded, possibly. I hadn't heard about any paint issues with adhesives. I know fiberglass is prone to showing repairs down the road. However, not sure if two layers of sheetmetal with a bonding adhesive sandwiched between would behave badly later on. No data in the personal experience bank.

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