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Re: Show me your 4x4 Suburbans!

Originally Posted by BK72BURB_3/4Ton4x4 View Post
Yes, it's a 4" lift with 35x12.5x18. The color is White/Ochre/White according to the label in the glovebox
Very cool Burb, and that is my favorite color combo on this body style. Love the later generation 454’s too. Being your Burb doesn’t have A/C you can remove the compressor if you want. The A/C delete idler pulley is Napa NBH 38008 and the belt would be a PBH 6K984. That doesn’t look like the correct alternator for those particular brackets so the belt number above may not fit and you might have to go a few sizes bigger or smaller.

This is how the A/C delete belt configuration looks on an 8.1L. The L29 7.4L bracket belt routing is essentially the same.
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