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Re: 7200# rear axle (HO72) extreme application

Originally Posted by DieselEater View Post
I'm running a 14-bolt in a 700ish HP super stock puller.....Unless you're making more than 800 HP and your rules allow it, you can't beat the 14-bolt!!! they're everywhere, the pinion style is stronger than the D80, they're cheap, and easy to get parts for, like yokes to match your driveline.

Well a pinion design supported by 3 bearings is stronger than one with 2. But, in a diesel competition application we don't worry about HP, it is torque that shreds drivetrain components. The 14 bolts I have around here are 1.75" at the pinion splines. The dana 80 and 7200lb axle have 2" pinion splines, these cummins pulling engines produce 1400 torque fairly easily. The pinions on dana 60/70 axles just can't handle the torque surge and snap little little girl toys on street trucks. My new axle has to have a 2" pinion.

Nice truck by the way!
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