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Re: Just bought a 1965 C30...

Originally Posted by bpmcgee View Post

Is the front of that flat bed shaped to match the cab? That's very cool, I've never seen one like it!

I would recommend getting it put back together and running with a setup that would have been factory -- it's much easier to get parts and information for an ORIGINAL style setup. That way you have the opportunity to get more comfortable with these trucks before you dive straight into the AP project of a custom setup. And you get a chance to drive it a bit and perhaps fine tune your plans.

Yes, the flatbed was supposedly put on the truck several months after the truck was originally bought! The front of it is shaped to match the lines of the truck pretty accurately.

I do understand the sensibility of returning to a stock setup, and so like your advice, but I am limited in my spending on this truck, and would need to sell the NV4500 to get a M20 that was original for the truck. I feel that I will be wanting the OD of the 5 speed, especially with the 4.10 gears. I am open to dropping the I6 back in it, it just seemed to me that purchasing whatever I need to get the I6 running again, and returning to an original setup, would be money possibly wasted, presuming that I intend on a 454. I've currently listed the I6 on Craigslist to see if it will sell for enough to get a running 454. If not, then the I6 will go in until I have funds for that.

I am slowly becoming attached to that flatbed, and may just clean it up and drop it back on. It seems like it was made for it.
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