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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

Originally Posted by Vic1947 View Post
Picked up this short stepside on January 13th in 20 degree weather. Drove it about 15 white knuckle miles to get it to the house where it now sits awaiting some sort of rebuild. I'm determined to use it as a daily driver and not over restore it like my other truck. Like many 40+ year old trucks, it has lots of problems. My goal is to address the safety and reliability issues as well as the sheetmetal shortcomings. I doubt it will get anything other than a good coat of epoxy primer and I currently have no plans to convert it to discs or 5 lugs. I will post progress reports as they occur, so follow along if you like.
personally I don't like stepsides but I think this truck could be really cool! cant wait to see whats next! maybe a small tuneup and some adjustments here and there
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