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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

I just got back from picking up the first load of parts from the media blaster. The turnaround time was very good ...maybe a little too good, in fact. There's a lot of ugly that still needs to be removed but mainly in areas that are accessible, so I can do that. However, there are some spots that really needed to be cleaned out better to facilitate welding in patches. The explanation was that staying on an area long enough to remove all the bondo builds up heat that could warp the panel. True enough, and I'd rather deal with the bondo than whoop-de-doo's everywhere, I reckon.

Most of the media used for removing paint doesn't do a very good job on rust, especially the heavy stuff, so they need to use glass, sand or something more abrasive on those spots. If you use a light touch, those small areas won't warp and the rust will be pretty well gone.
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