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Re: Restoring Rusty - Painted The Wheel

if you look closely at the original pics you will notice that Rusty was a three legged dog, the front right wheel is a spare and does not match the other three Jackman style wagon wheels, so I found a close enough match (believe it or not the guy had THREE wheels for sale, LOL and I talked him into selling me one and using the other two for a trailer project - win / win)

started with a wire wheel to clean up the rust, then some sand paper to scuff it up, and had to use etching primer on this chrome wheel and decided to go with Semi Flat black, really like how it turned out, gonna paint one wheel each weekend and allow it a week to cure before lugging it back up to the truck

had the new tire mounted before painting so they won't scuff up the new paint job, the white garbage bags are taped around the brand new tire and NOT the old jacked up one, not sure why they make it look flat but it's fully inflated must be the camera angle, that's all

lemme know what you think? do you like the black better than the white?
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