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Re: 75 Dually build

There has been a bunch of stuff going on at the shop the past couple of weeks. I have been tearing apart the Cummins. I got it on the engine stand and took off the oil pan to check out the stock bearings. Actually they are in good shape. I also pulled a couple of the mains and they too were in good shape. Just pull the crank, get the crank polished, and get a new set of main and rod bearings.

This motor had 94K miles on it so everything we have seen thus far has been what you would expect with that few miles.

Thursday evening a good friend came by and helped me pull the head and the injectors. Again pretty clean for the age, and each of the cylinders still had some good hatch on them. So yeah I'll take that!

I now have to order a rebuild kit with gaskets, head gasket, rings, pistons, and the like... I have found some really good sets with all OEM Cummins parts. So I will get all that stuff ordered in a short while. That will give me time to have the injectors cleaned and tested, and get the rest of the parts in ship shape so they are ready to go back on. When I get some time this weekend I will take some pics, but all you would see right now is a disassembled Cummins, and that is some boring stuff right there...

Stay tuned!
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