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Re: Hello and Could I get a little advise please..

Originally Posted by snipescastle2 View Post
Welcome! And that is indeed a very sharp truck. I agree with the earlier post about the price for a cut frame truck. Although the sum of the parts might be worth it, you can still build one for far less and get what you want without having to settle for something you know nothing about(details on the specifics of the truck) I bought my '71 as a basket case from a board member and after three long years, finally completed it last year. I did most all the work myself, except the final body work/paint (blocking/sanding/paint) I did a lot of trade work, swapped parts I had stashed, and my uncle has a powder coat set up for his "B mod" race car chassis and parts, so I got my chassis and several major parts powder coated for the cost of the materials, of course I had to do all the prep work.

Best thing about building one of these on your own is not only learning how it goes together, but you know exactly what you have and knowing that it's done to your expectations.
Good luck with your decision, I'm sure you'll enjoy it either way.
Ben Smith
As I posted I already bought it. Building is always an interesting and enlightening endeavor but at my age I don't have the energy. I just wanted some thing to drive..
Besides, need to finish this first...
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