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Re: Yet to be named... 78 K10 Suburban

Originally Posted by RyanAK View Post
Oh I don't think the work will be all that involved, it's just... you know... drilling holes in a good roof that doesn't leak and doesn't have rust!!

I just don't have the constitution. Ha.
What I meant was, it shouldn't leak if the bolt holes are in the top of the "rails" stamped into the factory roof. I can't seem to remember what those should be called; they would be grooves if looking at from the inside without the headliner. Same principle as corrugated metal roofing, only they don't go all the way up over the front seat.

I just bolted the oak directly down to the raised rails, with an extra piece of oak about 6" long sandwiched in for a spacer. Drilled through both pieces of wood for the carriage bolt, and I think I drilled a couple of small holes and drove in some finish nails just to keep the oak spacers straight with the oak cross-rails.

If your using or making a metal rack, then you probably need some flat rubber washers between the rack and the roof, for a cushion and leak prevention. But it shouldn't leak unless you are upside down in a lake or river

I hear you about not drilling holes in your Suburban roof, but I just can't imagine putting much of anything at all up there on the roof and depending on drip rails to hold it. Maybe consider a small trailer or one of those hitch receiver racks ???
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