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Re: Yet to be named... 78 K10 Suburban

Thanks, guys. Originalthor - hope you’re happy with the switch from your Duramax to a square Suburban. I’m slowly working up a plan. Peel ‘n Seal on floors and doors and roof when I go after the headliner. I’m gonna start in the cargo area as that’s where the boom seems to be coming from. Maybe just a few squares will reduce the resonance and eliminate the rest of the boom. Just hope I don’t mask sounds from mechanical issues that need addressing. I’d bet your toolbox was the main component of reducing your boom. Weight in the bed would certainly reduce the ability of the cargo floor to act like a big speaker. I’ll take a look at shock mounts when I’m ready to do shocks and have a look at the frame around the big ol’ gas tank.

LT7A - paint matched rattle cans are a great idea, but I’m beyond my abilities when it comes to bodywork and paint. I’ll be interested in what the restoration guy has to say. A Suburban is a huge canvas compared to a Metropolitan!
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