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Re: Restoring 1980 C10 big ten.

Originally Posted by cottonme173 View Post
What was your procedure on the frame? It looks great BTW.
I did the frame in two steps, previous posts show me doing the back end with the box removed. I did the front half once I got the cab/clip off. Pretty straight forward wire wheeled off the old undercoating, dirt, grime and loose paint. I used a hobby sandblaster in areas that were tough to get at with the wire wheel that I picked up at princess auto $40 (kind of like harbor freight in the US).
Once cleaned I used a product called KBS rust seal, it's very similar to POR15 and other rust type paints. I followed the instructions they provide so clean with De-greaser, use metal prep product (this is phosphoric acid and some other stuff), and finally apply the coating.

I Top coated with princess auto flat black anti rust paint just to provide some UV protection and I preferred the flat black look.

Seems to be holding up well as I have had wrenches slip on me, kid run into it with his bike, outside in the elements for over a year.
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