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Re: Project No-buck!

I got the tail lights figured out. Basically the bed was not grounded very well. What made it tricky was the frame had enough rust on it that my test light wasn't being grounded well either, so when I'd test the sockets or wiring, it appeared as though it was not hot.

So I finally figured that out and the tail lights are nice and bright.

Then I moved on to the door. I had removed the door a few days ago (ripping the upper door hinge off the was attached by a thin strip of rusted sheet metal. I had to take off the upper door hinge, but I really didn't want to take off the whole front fender. I was able to unbolt it enough I was able to move it back far enough to get to the hinge bolts. Once I got that off, I cleaned up the area on the hinge and the door and welded the hinge back to the door. Nothing pretty, but good enough to get me to Wes's (classic heartbeat) truck show on Saturday.

I've been thinking of plans. Right now I'm planning on doing an axle flip for the rear. I figure that will lower it about 5" or so. I'm not sure what to do about the front. I figure I need to get it down about 3" to level it out. I don't think they make 3/4 ton drop spindles. I guess I'll just cut the springs and see how that does.

I've been thinking about paint too. I'm thinking a flat color. I was thinking a blue body with white cab would look good, but then I got to thinking that the interior is green, and I don't want to take out the windshield to paint the dash. I'll figure something out
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