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'69 c20 rescue kind ..... of.

im Jonny.
43 from the west coast. (all of it)
been welding & machining since a long time ago.
fixing machines since i was a child.
worked for 5 yrs in a mid to higher end motorcycle shop building engines and bikes.
lost my way AND my tool box in 2000 a.d.
in 2005 i started working my butt off from scratch.
this year i built my box back up, kind of. (being real picky about what i put in there)

Last week I bought this for $1500:

so here i am.
Thanks to the keepers of this board, today i am off to buy new running gear from a scrapper with an exact idea of what i need. this board is aHuge resource so for.

more later regarding plans for this thing. the gist is, semi cool / ultra reliable on a change jar budget. Just to spice up my personal reality show drama did i mention this is now my/our only ride? and that all work, maintenance or mod must be done over night or on my two days off.

So thanks again for what i have taken from the board now and future.
hope i contribute something as worthwhile. im off to drive my new truck.
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