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Re: 86 SWB Cream Puff

Originally Posted by slammed427 View Post
Love daily driven squares. Are you going to have to go through the smog referee for the motor swap?
So back to this question which I just realized I didn't address....

There is a 50/50 chance I will need to go thru the referee. I have been talking with many many different smog stations and most say the same thing in note so many words. The main place I deal with said it depends on who is on the smog machine the day I go in but....

This is how it was more or less put to me:

Due to a recent law change concerning 98 and new vehicles, if the vehicle has an OBD2 data port, AND the computer reads the system and the system said all of the circuits are working add they should be, there is a 90% chance the smog tech will not even need to open the hood.

So with that said, and my interpretation being that if the ecm says everything is working fine, then the tech will likely go no further as a sniffer test is not even used. So theoretically I could get away without CATS if the system says the o2 sensors are functioning properly.

The flip side of that being, a smog tech who might pop the hood would likely not know that the engine installed is not the factory engine, but might have upgrades. So who knows?

The far other end of that scale is that my home address is in a non-smog county so bi-anual smogs are not required for registration. I would technically only be in trouble when I go to sell it.

Here's to HOPE... Right?

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