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Re: 86 SWB Cream Puff

So this morning i got up super early and went to the shop to get a jump on my one day of working on my truck...

YEAH RIGHT! SWMBO went out drinking last night and overdid it, i had to go pick her up at 2am and then she didnt want to get outta bed until almost 11. made the 15 mile trek into town to get her car and then of coarse she wanted breakfast (lunch, it was darn near noon when we ordered). then i figured while i was in town i would go to pick-n-pull to peep any new rigs they got that i might want parts off of. hour later i left there with a complete and cherry right rear door (its even the right color, i think)for the uber cheap $400 2006 crew cab GMC i bought wednesday. and then to the shop i went. 2:30pm i finally got started for the day. I need to do all this running around crap on sundays and she needs to booze on saturday nights so i can make the best of my time on saturdays and then her sunday can be spent chasing her car. sheesh!

So first things first, I got the bed up off the back of the frame. didnt get a picture. Of coarse being that the truck is now on jack stands and dollies, getting the bed off the frame meant lifting it so the bed floor was about 4 feet off the ground, on sawhorses and 2x4's, high enough to roll the rest of the truck out from under it. After getting the truck out from under the bed i called a buddy to help me get it back to the ground, he was working. called my brother but he had surgery on monday and cannot lift jack until the stitches come out. half an hour later, sweating like a dog (its hot in my shop 80*, 108* outside), i got it off the sawhorses and on the ground outta the way a little so i could start on the cab.

After unbolting the cab, the stupid e-brake cable fought me for almost an hour. whoever designed those crunch pedals and the cable system with all the wires connecting to the mount should be hunted down and have his fingernails removed very slowly!

I was able to locate all the wire connections and other connectors to disconnect everything with the exception of one wire, a red one that didnt seem to go anywhere except aft. so i cut that one. i will chase it down later. so far i have only cut that one wire and one braided ground strap from the cab to the back of the engine block that was so gummed up i couldnt get a end wrench on it.

After my brother told me that he couldnt help i kinda put off trying to get the cab off of the frame by taking a nap lol. 2 hours later i decided to just get it over with.

I used a 4x4 and a cherry picker to lift the cab off the frame, i then lowered the back of the frame off of the jack stands and rested the rear drums directly onto the dollies and kinda rolled the frame out from under the cab and rolled the cab far enough out of the way to get it on the ground so it wasnt hanging from the cherry picker all week. i lowered it down and rested it on 4 milk crates and small cut 2x4's.

my allotted truck time is done for the week.

I am supposed to be meeting up with my landlord (today but she never showed) tomorrow hopefully to rent another small shop. I now have enough crap stored in 4 different storage places to consolidate into one larger place. it will work out to be only slightly more expensive than what i pay for storage now. plus it will have the added benefit that the shop is 2 doors down and there will be no limit on gate hours. plus as i mentioned... i bought some new vehicles over the last couple weeks that need storage for a while.

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2006 GMC crew cab 2wd
2007 chevy Z71 extra cab
and the odd ball of the bunch 1994 Jeep wrangler (for my wife)

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