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Re: 700r4 converter leak

Originally Posted by 85burb View Post
They put in a teflon bushing to handle extra beating is what the site says. I blame it on my old wore out engine that is wearing the seal out. I have only drove it less then 1000 miles. i only get to drive it 2 days a week. My engine does not make the hot oil psi it should any more. I was thinking maybe wore out main bearings or messed up flywheel or something. I beleve the trans people did what they say.

If your main bearing was wiped out you whould hear it. The converter centers on the crank so the flywheel whould not cause this. you put the converter in right? were you careful not the beat the bushing up? Too much pump pressure can cause this. When i build a 700R4 i drill a larger return hole in the pump so the fluid has somewhere to go instead of bypassing the seal, I also Loctite the seal so the fluid can not seep between the pump housing & seal.
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