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Re: Paint job cost 1949

Originally Posted by James the III View Post
Not everyone needs a show paint..
Fact , most that fall for this need to spend 10K + for paint don't dare drive it after it's painted..
If we ever have a time machine many will have a heart attack when they see what the factory paint was like.. and gaps..

Nothing against those that want a perfect gaps and paint..
but most don't need it..
And a basic clean straight paint is just fine.. no need to spend 30 hours on welding and grinding gaps..

These are trucks not a 100k cuda..
True, I live on a big cattle ranch with a 3/4 mile gravel driveway, there is no way to keep a show quality paint job pristine. I am closing in on paint time, may just paint it myself or possibly send it out for final paint. If I had to pay for all the work I've done I could never recover the cost. Filling speaker holes in doors, replace radio panel, fill many unused holes, sanding, welding etc. I want a nice truck when done but not bad enough to empty my wallet.
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