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Re: 4l60e/4l65e/4l70e 4WD to 2WD shaft swap

So ...... from dissasembly looks pretty much as expected - clean transmission with no damage for 69k miles.
Only small question is amount of clutch material if normal or not.

So some questions.
I think I could get by with just a gasket/seal kit --- but I might go with more of a overhaul ...... stock HP (270 RWHP or maybe a cam 325RWHP).

q1) Since I cant see any heat on steels - reuse ?

q2) Thoughts on clutch material ?

q3) Either of these kits ? Or other ?

Not planning on replacing bushig baced on inspection. Pistons - not sure.

q4) Its a 4l65e with supposefly hardended sunsheel. Shall I jsut replace with sonnax smartshell anyway

q5) When I switch shaft and housing. What VSS do I use. Can I use the same 4WD one ...... or need a differnt one for 2WD.

q6) Stock, corvette or sonnax 2-4 servo.

Anything else for mild refresh/build ?

thanks !
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