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Question Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

I've been looking into getting a JET Performance Quadrajet for my '68. I'm running a 290 hp GM Performance 350 crate motor in the truck and I was looking at the 35002, the 750 cfm Stage 2 model. I feel like I've read a few decent things about JET products, but I figured I'd see if anyone had some direct experience and input regarding them. The whole reason I'm looking into getting this carb is I've been running and Edelbrock 1406 ever since I got my truck (5 years ago) and have never been very satisfied with it, and that's with having it rebuilt a year and a half ago.

I have someone I trust who can get the Quadrajet tuned and dialed in for me, so I'm not worried about fighting that battle, but I just wanted to see if anyone had some reviews of JET stuff. I've heard enough horror stories of people dealing with Demon carbs to turn me off from those and I figured I'd try out the Quadrajet before going with a Holley. Thanks, y'all.
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