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Re: Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

Originally Posted by Jim_PA View Post
Just like any other performance carb (holley, edelbrock, BG, etc...), it will use a somewhat generic combination of air/fuel passage sizes so that it will work "pretty good" on a wide variety of performance engines. It's really nothing all that special, but should work OK, and look like new.

I would imagine the stages are like a 1, 2, and 3? -- all 3 just use a little different combination of passages and jets to get you in the ballpark.

I bolted the qjet on my junkyard 350 that I had self-tuned to my 400+ HP 350, and it seems to work pretty well without any changes.

I think the main thing with a qjet is they are generally emissions carbs, and are tuned specifically for the engine they came through on. Throw that onto something with even just headers and a cam swap, and will probably be missing out on a lot of the potential.
"generic combination of air fuel mixture"? A carburetor is a fine apparatus in it's own way and there is nothing "generic" about any carb, and it is not the same as a "new" Qjet- Anyways... to the question at hand.

YES the Jet Performance Qjet carbs are good, I am considering one for my truck, stage 2 as well........ HOWEVER, if you want a great Qjet carb.... buy a SEAN MURPHY Qjet, which is what I will eventually get. You can order by stages or you can have it custom built to meet your exact application.
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