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Re: Where does a guy start?

Focal amps or speakers? Sorry to be so dumb.
I should make a confession...I like mellow music...I know it's very gay...So when I was researching I was sucked in by "advertised " claims. So when trying to decide on speakers I looked at silk or fabric tweeters over aluminum or a mixture? I really like the focul brand and it has a great reputation but I didn't seem to find silk stuff? It was a compromise for silk with less power requirements that led to the model speakers. Seemed like a lot of what "I think" I might want was 75-150 watt and I didn't want to buy 2 or 3 amps? I may still not have enough knowledge to understand what I am reading though. Every time I go down a road. I start understanding what's considered best and think that's the thing to do but that's pretty immature lol! Hmm....
I feel all most positive that I would be happy with much less but having fun trying to be cool. It's been along time since I was cool if ever lol.
I should say to that you nailed my expectation...I would like very clean nice sound at low volumes. The idea of sound staging is pretty cool and iam trying to resist the temptation to go over board but iam sure i will. Kinda good and bad that i can see 1500 dollar total and think " oh thats not bad" (I like to hide from my life in my truck and sit and listen to music and eat shi@ food)
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