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Re: Where does a guy start?

You have picked out some solid choices. If you gave the forums two options of what you should do, you’re going to get equal votes, plus five more guys telling you to buy what they have because it’s the “best”. Can you spend less, yes. Can you get higher audiophile, yes. Here’s a quote I recently read on the audio forum I follow: Which is better can not be answered. The absolute only way to decide is using both in the exact same install. And since that can’t be done.. go with the one you like best.

If you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Who’s truck is better? Who cares, as long as it lays rubber!

There’s nothing wrong with what you have picked. HOWEVER, the 80prs has “network mode” which will allow you to separate the front stage components to their own channel. You get to control the crossover point, speaker level, and time alignment. To do this, each speaker needs it’s own channel, so a 5-channel amp, or 4 channel + monoblock. This is too powerful of a tool, not take advantage of!

Your subwoofer pick is solid. I would like to see a 2 ohm version, but that’s OK, we can fix it with more power You can’t engineer, and build a box for much less than that. By building your own box, you can tailor it to your space requirements or tune it to a different frequency. But that is getting into another level.

Morel has a solid reputation and following. I’m struggling to find detailed specs/parameters on their components. However they make top quality raw drivers that would cost a lot more than the component set you listed. However, with the supplied x-overs, you will not be able to lower the crossover frequency if needed. Without physically looking at the woofer, I don’t know if you can remove the passive crossover.. But, that’s OK! You can still do some tuning to get it close enough!

Back to your previous questions..
Just curious...why don't guys ditch the ven't and fabricate an opening in the kick panel. You could weld in a surround and seal it to weather and fit a larger or at least a least intrusive speaker.
This is more complicated than it sounds. I tried, and decided it wasn’t worth the effort on this build. Next build, (if there is one) I will attempt it again with some different ideas. I brought this topic up on the audio forum, and got answers talking about Qs and Fs… Over my head. Short story, component speakers aren’t designed to be in a sealed enclosure like subwoofers. It might sound fine, it might not. I am sealing off the cowl fresh air intake, and using the whole cowl area as an enclosure. Some guys vent their pods into the carpet or the cowl area.

You could do 2-4 inch coax in dash grill and tweeters on dash and the 6x9s in kick?
Yes, you could. But, to get the multiple speakers to “play nicely together”, you would have to have more processors, amp channels, and tuning software. You are better off without. With that said, I’m going to do it in my Olds, but I understand what I’m getting into. If it fails, just throw more money at it.

And, now we’re back to amps… I didn’t put much effort into looking at those yet. RF prime amps get a few solid rec’s when under a budget. I know nothing about these, Slowcpe may have a better pick or opinion.

If you go with the 80prs in network mode (active): Sticking with RF line, take a look at Power 400 T-400-4 paired with Prime R500X1D for the sub. RF also has a Power series 5 channel, but it lacks bass remote control. Slowcpe also mentioned he has a prime 4 channel. That would also work.

A few more ideas that get lots of thumbs up on the audio forum: Bang for buck, NVX JAD900.5 $229. Alpine PDX-9V $700. Zapco St-5x II $289, NO bass remote! JL Audio has too many choices for me to wade through at the moment, but their RD900/5 $549 could be a solid option.

That's all I got for now.
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