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Re: Where does a guy start?

Originally Posted by Pinchecharlie View Post
Focal amps or speakers? Sorry to be so dumb.
I should make a confession...I like mellow music...I know it's very gay...So when I was researching I was sucked in by "advertised " claims. So when trying to decide on speakers I looked at silk or fabric tweeters over aluminum or a mixture? I really like the focul brand and it has a great reputation but I didn't seem to find silk stuff? It was a compromise for silk with less power requirements that led to the model speakers.
You're not dumb! It takes experience to gain experience. Hey, I'll admit I listen to Adele and Dido. I like everything from the Beatles to hardcore metal and everything in between. It's a personal taste.

As far as silk and paper cone, you're on the right track. I didn't go with Focal for the same reason. But, lots of guys like them.
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