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Re: Where does a guy start?

Ok for starters I apologize. I read this early this morning without my contacts in and just saw RF Power. Didnít realize that was the amp. I have a small Power Marine 500x1 for the sub in my side-by-side and its killer. That should be a nice amp. I just think for the money of the Power speakers you can get a better audiophile-grade speaker.

The Prime amps have impressed me for a budget. However I can usually take a really nice amplifier and crappy speakers and make it sound great. Much harder to do the other way around.

Iíve never messed with active front stage in car audio but have done bi-amp and active speaker theater rooms and the results can be incredible. Back in the day our Theater Rooms would consisted of Genelec 2 and 3-way active studio monitors. Those rooms sounded INCREDIBLE. But the market Iím in now doesnít warrant many rooms where speakers start out at $3000 each.

I personally know nothing about Morel other than their Octave Signature cabinets are a near direct copy to B&Wís 800 Series. From their website their car speakers look good, especially if you want a soft dome tweeter.

I totally understand wanting to go with a soft dome tweeter. Iíve actually never heard Focalís car audio line but have read good reviews and demoed their home line. Aluminum dome tweeters do have a tendency to be bright or harsh but I can usually tune most of that out. Plus I like to jam every now and then. Most boat systems we do (in-cabin) have metal dome so everyone can rock out while cruising down the water at 80mph.

Sound is totally subjective so it really boils down to what sounds good to you. Our showroom at work was designed around that. I have a simple in-ceiling 5.1 setup using aluminum cone/metal dome in-ceiling speakers with a Marantz receiver and JL 10Ē subwoofer. I also have a very well engineered Theater Room using separate processor/ampliers, (2) Totem Double 8Ē subwoofers, and (9) Monitor Audio Gold speakers with ribbon tweeters, itís $22k just in audio. Iíve had clients come in and say the sub $3000 ďbrightĒ system sounds a whole lot better. My office has a pair of Totem Skyís that have a soft dome tweeter. We put our most popular speakers that range from $200/pr to over $2000 and let the client tell us what sounds good. Then we base the system off of that.
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