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Re: Where does a guy start?

Well I should first thank you for your time and expertise
And now be honest
Iam a bit lost!
So the aperant capabilities of the pioneer hu (accident)
Allow another level of tunability...?
But the cross overs supplied with the morel speakers are not as tunable as to be desired.
Also the "tunable" system requires more channels (I get that)
Now with what you suggest do I end up with a system that is only as good as I am?
I researched the basics and had none of the vocabulary but understand the goal. But don't know how capable iam in achieving it.
So ..I thought 2 things...
Buy 5 channel soley for space constraints or
Up the anty for way beyond my skill level and add 2nd amp/dsp and be on the edge of audiophile? After re reading this , that sound a bit over board for a truck cab?
Passing and refracted sound waves and adjusting for delays and iam sure that's a very short list of things to learn lol! Hmm..I dunno?! iam thinking...lower the bar on some prices and add these items to achieve the suggested? Or just keep going and really piss off my wife?
I would be willing to offer a full garden for more specific suggestions? Ie- just tell me! Lol!
Lastly- how about a guy uses the retro sound speaker pod and just recesses it into the kick panel? So rather hat. Creating an enclosure your just hiding o e that's allr3ady been thought out? Ok now I feel like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel but it's been a happy distraction from other things so fun. Thanks guys and if I get this going and become an expert I will return the favors!
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