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Re: Where does a guy start?

Charlie, I'm sorry you feel overwhelmed. Yes, the DSP with the 80prs is a tool that will make your system shine.

Based on your "premium" choices, I tweaked the amp recommendation in the same product line to allow active components. The net cost was about the same. If you change brands, your budget can easily be cut in half for speakers and amps. It sounds like you've fallen down the slippery slope and the cost was more than you are comfortable with.

Again, when shopping from the internet, there is no way to demo anything. You have to go by reviews, and specs. Of course, you can demo some of these speakers at a shop, but when you pair them with a different amp and in a car, they're going to sound different. I don't like to go to a shop to listen, and then run home and order it on the internet. If you're going to a shop to use their time and recommendations, buy from them and/or have them install. For a custom install, the price is going to be significantly higher than what you have planned.

4+1 or 5 channel doesn't really matter. Some of the 5 channels do not have remote bass control.

There is nothing wrong with the x-over on the Morel speaker you picked. It can mostly be tuned around. I could explain further, but don't want to confuse you.

If you're willing to get away from RF and Morel, I can give you more amp ideas in entry and mid-level. (Just give me a couple days)

If you're willing to make your own subwoofer box, I can suggest a way cheaper sub.

Also, I would only set you up with 5 channel if you chose the 80prs. If you decide on something else, like no HU or the Retrosound, then we can stick with a 4 channel, or 2+1.

So, back to your original question, "Where does a guy start?", Lets narrow down a head unit.
Pioneer 80prs, Retrosound, or no head unit?
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