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Re: Where does a guy start?

Hey Thanks! Yeah I finally understand that a little better lol. I had to read and download the hu to even kinda get it lol! There are some guys that complain about some features but I won't lie and say I really get it. Just for fun and education...
Line out put- voltage, why is this important? So guys say this limits hu/dsp? Like I hear it's only 2.5 volts and I need blah blah blah or it's 5.4 and my blah goes bad.
Guys say that the outputs in pairs are limiting? So it has front back and sub and big boys want 6,8,or 10 individual out puts in there dsp Why? Rabbit hole lol!
So hu sends signal to dsp. dsp sends to amps. Amps to drivers.
So that's where iam at now lol! Embarrassing!
The only thing that sucks about the rabbits hole is it seems like there are so many ways to do it!
Basically decided to just add a mono for sub and see if I can learn to tune the hu and go from there. Thanks for all the help. I'll post the amps later and see what ya think.
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