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Re: Rusty76 and his '76

Thanks for looking in. I go through a love hate relationship. When I got this truck I was very stary eyed. I had huge plans just like everyone. I was still living at home working two jobs and so on. Then I moved out. Got involved in some circle track racing and piddle with that. Through the years I got several vehicles but never really fell in love with them. I am not much of a car person. I like them but there are few cars I care to own. My old rust bucket kept me sane on dry days and ticked me off on cold wet days. All in all its been a fun truck. Some days I would like just be able to drive it. I honestly could care less about the rust and faded paint. When you drive a fridge everyday something with character is a nice treat. I will keep at it for sure. Too many memories and mud slinging to not to. Thanks again. Hope to meet up with you guys next weekend.
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