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Suburban rear floor ideas?

I'm in the process of pulling up the glued down carpet in our 1960 Suburban. Under the carpet appears to be another layer of something, not really sure what it is, but it appears to be a laminate. That is stuck to what looks like 3/4" strips of wood. Not sure if that's the original floor or something else, but even the 3/4" strips seem to be loose and peeling up. I'm a bit worried that's a laminate layer of the plywood floor from factory, but never the less, the floor looks and feels solid on both sides of the ply.

I'm currently debating what I want to do to keep the floor from going bad and to dress it up. My options are:
1) Paint it with a good quality paint, maybe porch paint and just leave it.
2) Lay down a single layer of fiberglass matting and resin to give it a good solid surface IF I find any bad spots. Then paint that.
3) Open to other suggestions here...

My final plan is I'll cover with edged Carpet (not glued), a rubber matting cut to fit or possibly get some old cedar bard wood and plane it down to create a veneer that looks like solid wood flooring.
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