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Lightbulb Vin help!!!!


I am looking for suggestions... I'm at a loss. Ive owned my truck for 7 years now and it was registered in Alabama. They didn't bother with VIN verification since I bought the truck there for whatever reason. I have since moved to Florida and now I have a FL License and insurance so Bama will no longer register the truck.

Heres where the problem begins:

I do not know how to verify the VIN on this truck.

It is a 1972 Cheyenne Super 10, SWB.

By research I found the VIN decoder and have come to the conclusion that the VIN is CE10734. The issue is that this VIN is nowhere to be found (that I know of). The truck has been repainted over the years and they removed the door plate that would have identified it. The glovebox build sheet has been scratched off.

So I have no way of verifying the VIN with the DMV and they will not give me a tag.

I found the stamped model # on the frame 2S158019 but that does not match anything on the old registration from Bama.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me or little known VIN locations other than above? I may have to file a small claims through the court but I still can't verify the VIN even if thats the case. Thanks in advance.

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