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Re: Vin help!!!!

I would never caution anyone to be afraid to have VIN checks done or involve law enforcement. If the truck has ever been stolen, wouldn't it be better to know that information? Also, what if there was another rightful owner out there?

If someone stole my truck, I would hope it would turn up when someone tried to register it.

Transferring a vehicle's identify from one to another is actually illegal, at least in most states. It can be done legally, but requires that VIN checks be done. Exactly why states require a VIN check. Otherwise one could go steal a $30,000 truck, go buy a $20 junk yard truck with a title, do some swapping, and viola.

Every state does it differently, but normally VIN checks are not done if the vehicle has been previously licensed in that specific state. When licensing a vehicle for the first time in a state is when the VIN check requirement usually kicks in.
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