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Re: 700r4 converter leak

Thanks for the info. They said i think they put a teflon one in for strength. It only has very few miles on it like under 800 i would guess. It did not leak from day one. I will admit i have been giving it a pretty healty beating the last few weeks. But could not give a date i first noticed it. maybe 3 weeks ago. I only drive it two days a week at most for the last 6 months. No long trips at all. I would hate to pull trans out and replace all that stuff and have it leak again in 3 weeks.

Is there any test i can do to see if it is my crank moving too much? My engine does make funny noise like timing chain is hitting the cover or some thing like that. does not really sound like a valve tic... not to say they dont. but it is a different kind of noise. some one told me it is a wrist pin. any ideas??
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