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Re: 3 Kids, 1 Wife, and 1 Lonely Blazer

Originally Posted by Tomo View Post
Sounds like there are several of us in the same boat - my boy just turned 1 earlier this week. Can't wait til my blazer is close to where yours is. I've wanted a blazer since the first time I saw one and waited ~16 years to get it, picked it up in May of this year. Now I have it and time is scarce but like you guys have said I wouldn't change it for the world either. Great work on your k5 I hope to do an LS swap also.
It's funny how quickly things change! After college I bought a 4cyl Jeep YJ and did a 350 swap with the help of my cousin. It was my first dive into a major project and I chased bugs in that thing for years. When my 1st son came 4.5 years ago the Jeep suddenly just sat. I sold it for short money and bought a 2004 CTS-V for my fun (but family capable) 2nd vehicle. I couldn't imagine having a project vehicle with young kids!

Well 2 more kids and 3 years later I'm neck deep in a major project! The V was a fun, fast car, but it was too nice to let my kids destroy and it wasn't really something I'd take to a car show or cruise. I wanted some modern muscle, in what I consider to be one of the best looking trucks around. Soon I'll have 5 seat convertible for the family and a reliable fuel injected 6.0 for me!

Best of luck with your Blazer and the children!
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