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Re: 3 Kids, 1 Wife, and 1 Lonely Blazer

Back at for an hour or two the past two nights. I'm determined to get the engine, trans, and transfer case back in this rig. I got some loose ends buttoned up on the frame and got the transfer case and cross member installed.
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Wrestling the transfer case in alone is always a challenge! I use a crappy Harbor Freight tranny jack, but the odd shape and balance always puts up a fight.
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Intalled the torque/ frame bracket for the transfer case as well. Used all new Energy Suspension mounts which worked out well.

Mounted up the Advance Adapters kit for the 4l60e to np205 conversion. Need to install the VSS, trans cooling line adapters, and get the transmission installed. Hoping to drop that in tomorrow night!
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Not sure many are watching along, but I'll keep documenting my progress. It helps to look back and see how far things have come!
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