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Entropy Radiator problems

I would like to share my story with all of you about the problems I have been having with my Entropy Radiator. In December of 2016 I ordered a radiator/fan/controller kit to go with my LS swap in my 87 Suburban.

When I ordered it they asked me what size my radiator was. When it arrived I realized was the wrong size and would not fit. I admit I incorrectly told them the wrong size when I ordered it. I called them back and explained that I incorrectly gave them the wrong size. They said no problem send it back and for an extra $100 they could make me one a little bigger that would fit, so I sent it back. Almost 3 weeks later I got the radiator back, and noticed the fill neck was crushed and pushed into the radiator.

Instead of waiting 3 more weeks and paying $80 for return shipping I had it fixed locally for $50. When I went to install it realized it was still too short. I ended up fabricating some brackets and made it work. 18 months later the radiator started leaking from two areas. I called them and they offered to fix it under warranty. I paid to send it back to them.

Two weeks later they sent my new radiator, with two problems. 1. they sent me the shorter radiator instead of the taller one that I needed. 2. there is nowhere to attach the fans to at the bottom. See top two photos.
I called them and they offered to ship it back to them (at their cost thankfully). I didn't hear anything for a week and then I called them, I was assured my radiator was in line to get built and that it would be the correct size. I asked to make sure there would be someway to attach the fans at the bottom and I was assured there would be.

2 and a half weeks later (this past Friday) I got the radiator back. It is the correct size and will fit the brackets I had to make, but there is STILL no way to attach the fans at the bottom (see bottom two photos) and now they moved the fill neck to the passenger side which means I will have to run a very long and ugly hose across my motor to my overflow tank.

I am beyond frustrated at this point. I am worried if I send it back I might get one problem fixed but may get another problem when it gets back. Plus I don't want to wait another 2 weeks to get another radiator.
At this point I would like them to next day air the radiator back to them, fix it the same day and next day air it back to me. Does that sound unreasonable?
I am of course going to call them first thing on Monday when they open, and will let everyone here know the outcome.
Sorry for the long rant, just frustrated after paying all this money for a hassle free direct fit radiator.
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