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Re: Entropy Radiator problems

Sorry for the delay if anyone is interested.
After they had the radiator for two weeks, I called to check on it, and they told me they wouldn’t cover it under warranty because my leak was due to electrolysis. And offered to make me a new radiator for 1/2 price. I was very skeptical of this as I only had about 4000 miles on the radiator since they sent it to me last time. Plus I used new AC Delco premixed coolant. I also have grounds ran from the negative terminal on the battery to the block, frame, and radiator support. And additional grounds on the other side from the block to the firewall and block to frame. I didn’t have any leverage to argue with them So I paid for a new radiator. I stressed to them during every conversation I needed the taller (20”) radiator for an LS swapped truck, and to please compare it to the one I sent in to make sure the shroud would bolt up. Later in the afternoon I got a confirmation email but noticed the part number was for the standard radiator and not the LS swap one. I called back and was told “oh yeah we changed the part#”, I again said ok as long as it is for an LS swap, 20” tall and my shroud bolts up. He assured me it would be correct.

I got my tracking # last Friday and it is supposed to be delivered Wed Nov 6. I will post back and let you know if they got it right which at this point I really suspect they won’t.

Sorry to rant, but wanted to share my story and inform people of what has happened with this situation. I don’t want to slander them, as I have worked in customer service and experienced first hand sometimes the more you try to make something right, the more keeps going wrong.

1987 R20 Suburban LQ4/4L80e swap:
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