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Applying weld-thru primer

Can I get a quick walk through on the correct way this stuff gets applied...

I bought a can from o Reilly's S.E.M. I believe was the brand name. I applied it as the directions said. Seemed to be pretty good.

I needed a lot more and was tired of them only having one can in stock so I went to an actaul automotive supply store and purchased the stuff they carried. Can't remember the name of it it was $30 a can though.

I began reading the directions on this can before I used it and it states "not intended as a primer". What does this mean??

My process to applying weld-thru is to completely remove all the paint down to bare metal where ever the metal will be sandwhiched together. I then apply the weld-thru to completely cover all the bare metal. Now I'm second guessing myself and think I should be applying a regular primer as well. If I do should I be covering all the bare metal with a regular primer and then shooting some weld-thru primer wherever I'm welding?

Can you guys walk me through how you use this stuff?? Thanks.

As a side note I am wearing a respirator whenever welding over top of the weld-thru primer.
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