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Re: 1962 k20

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
Nam, who could ask for better help than from the guy who did all the trial and error as well as pain and suffering I'm sure. He stuck it out, got it right, and now you have his text book on it. I wouldn't be embarrassed for stepping into the unknown and find my way to the side of success. When I went back to the machine shop their comment was "It's those big tires". My comment was, "There are no tires under my ass!" and went to Dodge to order the assembly...yoke/shaft/u-joints. Don't you wish that was still possible?
Thanks for the kind words Tim. Wish I had documented it better but at the same time, there were too many times that I was using words and phrases that shouldn't be documented.

Originally Posted by Dizzy 1 View Post
Thx for all your help GENIII. I actually bought an entire 74 dodge w200 just for the tc. For $700 I couldn't pass it up. After reading your reply I'm hoping I can make use of the cross member and perhaps the drivelines as well the newer style Dana 44 and Dana 60 sometime down the road. I will definitely be picking your brain at times.
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Absolute score! You've hit pay dirt!. All of the driveshaft yokes and joints have been figured out. IIRC, the T case is a 32 spline input = good. The rear Dana may have the Bud hubs which may have a little different center hole diameter than your wheels but thats a small detail. You should be able to snag the stock shift linkage too. Get that thing stripped and maybe sell the extra parts to a Dodge person to help finance it. That's awesome! Pick my brain any time or better yet, start a build thread on the install. Good stuff. Happy for you.

Originally Posted by Dizzy 1 View Post
How bout a 74 dodge cross member and 205?
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The shape of the x member is probably most critical. The width can be altered and modified. You should be able to order parts like bushings easily. I would definitely use the crossmember out of the Dodge.

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