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Re: 6-lug Steel wheels for Disc brake Conversion

Originally Posted by lolife99 View Post
Many members are looking for these.
Post them here, in this thread, if you find them posted for sale.
I sometimes see them listed on Craigslist also.

These will be 71-87 (and 88-91 blazer and burb) 4x4 stock steel wheels.

These are 15x6.5 wheels for you 6-lug drum brake guys that want steel wheels for your disc brake conversion.
(and will work fine for you drum brake guys also).
Or any of the 4x4 guys that want to run hubcap wheels.

These can also be found in the somewhat rare 15x8 version.
Easily identified by having 4 "nubs" where a dogdish hubcap would make contact.
Originally Posted by Desert.Chevy View Post
Great Info.

Anyone have a set,
I thought of only getting the two front wheels, but if I have a flat on the front I would not be able to put my stock drum spare wheel up front. I thought I might as well get all four wheels.
What do you guy that have done this do with this type of problem?
What is the real difference that make these work?
How will 60-72 stock caps fit the four nubs?

Please let me know, Thanks.
Can anyone answer my above message. Thanks.
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