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Re: Makers marks on OEM bolts

Yesterday I installed a cool little 3/8 bolt for the distributor hold-down. It's the only one like it off the truck. Recessed head flange bolt, 3/8-16 x 9/16", stamped "E". Not tapered.

Few weeks ago I installed a bolt marked with a triangle for an A/C support bracket. Kind of cool, because the bracket is stamped with a triangle as well, almost as if it were a kit.

71 C10 Custom Deluxe, SWB, fleet, 402/400TH, A/C...Resource intensive......And (*^(*^ leaf springs. Speak of, looking for OEM rear sport bumper brackets for this ride. They're unlike those more common, even the outer brackets are different.

72 Cheyenne Super, LWB, fleet, C20, 402/400TH, A/C. Driver and tinker truck
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